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Employee Benefits

Employee benefits are an investment in the well-being of your employees and your business.

We provide an objective and strategic view to help you review your options, regardless of the size of your company.  Because we are independent agents, we can take a look at your benefit options in the healthcare market, not just with a single insurance carrier.  This means we are able to give you streamlined and comprehensive picture of what is available for you and your employees. 

Employee Health Benefits

Every employer group is different, which means you require a personalized look at benefits to offer your employees.  We take a look at the available carriers in your area who are known for stability, ample physician networks and service.  From there, we look specifically at products and plans to best fit your needs and the needs of your employees.  Even after a policy is written, you have us as frontline support.  Call us directly for the answers and administrative support you and your employees continue to need throughout the year, not just at renewal time.

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Employee Supplemental Dental, Vision Insurance & Colonial Life

We can offer employees additional benefits such as supplemental dental and vision coverage. This can be modeled for the employee to be partially or wholly responsible for their premiums, which means you can offer employees additional benefits at no additional cost to the company – multiple carriers allow us to take a customized approach to find the carrier we feel to be the best fit for your needs.

Through our partnership with Colonial, we’re able to offer many supplemental benefits such as Short Term Disability, Accident Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance, Cancer Insurance, and additional Life Insurance. This partnership allows you to offer even more meaningful benefits to your employees that they may be unable to obtain otherwise.


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The Southern Ohio Chamber Alliance has joined forces with the Northern Ohio Area Chambers of Commerce, the Central Ohio Chambers of Commerce (which includes the Ashland and Wooster Area Chambers), the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce, and the Youngstown/Warren Regional Chamber to form a self-funded medical benefit plan aimed at small employers with 2-50 employees. 

This new self-funded medical Plan allows smaller employers to join together to share in the overall claims risk.  By being a part of a larger pool, employers have the benefit of financial protection backed by Anthem’s stop loss coverage and experience fixed monthly costs but potentially lower monthly premiums due to medical underwriting.  Employees experience a health plan that utilizes Anthem’s large Blue Access PPO network and provides additional wellness services.  Contact us today to see if the Anthem SOCA Benefit Plan may be a good fit for you and your employees.

Take a look at Anthem’s product brochure for employers for more information.

Individual Health & Life

The Affordable Care Act, or ACA, has changed many things about health insurance. Use us as your personal guide.

We can save you frustration and the time it takes to dig through multiple plan options and premium information. Because we are independent agents, we are contracted with multiple insurance carriers and can give you the options not just from one company but we will take a look at options for you in the insurance market.

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Individual Supplemental Dental and Vision

For those interested in dental and vision coverage, we have partnered with Morgan White Group to be able to offer dental and vision plans in one convenient website.  To obtain your quotes and even enroll directly online, check out their website linked here.  Just plug in your zip code, date of birth, and the effective date you are requesting to see immediate pricing from dental companies such as Careington, Madison Dental, Nationwide, Renaissance Dental, and Standard Life and for vision, DavisVision and even VSP.  Contact us with any questions regarding your options!

Meet Joel Bender,
Account Executive

Joel Bender

We pride ourselves in treating our clients’ insurance just like it’s our own. We are a team. We each have our expertise and we lean on each other for that advice. Our customer service managers are licensed agents and able to provide the best service for our clients.

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